Gemma Carver
Gemma Carver, a Scottish born and bred designer who has chosen India as her professional and inspirational base, sees India as a land full of potential, enriched with ancient knowledge, still alive with genuine artisans and traditional techniques, yet reaching for the latest technologies and development, thus offering an intricate web of resources and inspiration for creative couture.

Gemma's love of luxurious fabrics brought her to show as part of a collective for the swiss couture fabric house, Jacob Schelipher, with some of the top Indian Designers‐ Hemant Lecoanet, Rohit Bal, TarunTahiliani and Guarav Gupta‐ at DLF emporio, Delhi 2009. With her roots in a magical place, the Highlands of Scotland, where nature reigns gloriously, her connection with natural beauty and aesthetics is very strong. She sprung from this springboard into the whirlwind of India where she discovered her own internal balance through Yoga, meditation and spirituality. The feminine embodiment of beauty in the Indian women, the beautiful weaves and fabrics and the vibrancy of colour, culture and craft further inspired her to take her creative talent and training in haute couture to India and to create individual gem couture pieces.

"Internal balance is integral in our lives, and as a designer, Gemma's focus is on a merging of external harmony with internal balance to produce a holistic conscious integral product/design.