The concept is to offer a very individual, personal approach considering and integrating all the elements, balancing yin and yang, expressing and at the same time concealing different aspects of our being, revealing glints of our beautiful multi-faceted personality through our unique fashion aura. Gemma Carver's approach is utterly bespoke, going beyond the purely physical, she works on an energetic level integrating the creative process with the client's personality, the fabric feeling, visualising the atmosphere of the occasion and how to manifest the goddess in each individual. This is a new Conscious Couture.

Gemma Carver seeks to reveal the precious gem in every soul she works with just as a diamond or crystal emerges from the rock and through a process of transformation, it's unique dazzling splendour is revealed. In one sense, we are all crystals with our own unique formation and expression. The same light shines through every crystal, but it manifests itself differently in each depending of the crystal formation and just polishing and carving, it becomes a precious gem, expressing its inherent qualities. As a designer, Gemma channels and sculpts light through layers of texture, colour, personality and being to the facets of movement, feeling and experience when wearing the dresses at a special occasion.

'THE GIFT of Gemma Carver, GC, is a an exclusive client-based service to expose and enhance the beauty of the raw diamond within and without, giving a little edge, shine and divine character to natural beauty.'

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